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A Bluetooth audio receiver turns a hi-fi system or any active speakers into a wireless sound system that can be supplied with music from a smartphone, tablet, or PC. For audio transmission, the receivers rely on the short-range Bluetooth radio, which almost all tablets and smartphones have integrated.

In this comparison, we look at so-called Bluetooth adapters. We focus on adapters for HIFI systems. Other application scenarios would be, for example, Bluetooth adapters for the car radio or for older cell phones, CD players.

For HIFI systems, on the other hand, Bluetooth adapters are the perfect solution when it comes to a technical upgrade according to the current technical development.

Because often the systems are expensive and difficult to upgrade without having to replace complete devices. An example would be the upgrade with Bluetooth. For design reasons, upgrading the receiver, for example, is usually impractical, because a new device looks different from the previous ones. This would turn what is actually a visually appealing system into a colorful puzzle. In addition, you would have to invest a lot of money.

Fortunately, there are Bluetooth adapters that take care of this. They are available at a reasonable price and turn a normal stereo audio input into a Bluetooth input. This allows you to wirelessly play or stream music from your smartphone or another Bluetooth device on your home stereo.

How to connect to a hi-fi stereo system?

The Bluetooth adapter is usually connected to a hi-fi system via the 3.5 mm jack connector. Any other output or input is also suitable. With the help of the right adapter, it is possible, for example, to switch from two cinch cables to a 3.5 mm jack connector. Some Bluetooth adapters also support digital audio transmission and have an optical TOSLINK or a coaxial input.

Advantages & Disadvantages

To make your purchase decision easier, Bluetooth receiver tests often show you the advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth audio adapters at a glance.

We will also briefly present those to you again here:


  • space-saving design;
  • integrated Bluetooth receiver jack;
  • a battery can be charged at the cigarette lighter.


  • can be paired with the stereo system;
  • low battery life;
  • low range.

Buying Guide

If you want to buy a new Bluetooth receiver, you should consider several purchase criteria. The dimensions of a Bluetooth receiver can be important to fit the device comfortably.

Furthermore, you should consider the following factors when buying:

  1. Bluetooth version.
  2. Connections.
  3. Power supply.
  4. Runtime.
  5. Additional functions.

High-quality Bluetooth receivers offer you a runtime of at least eight hours.

USB Bluetooth adapters are also particularly practical: As soon as the battery starts to run down, you can recharge the models with the help of a USB cable at all USB ports.

Why should the best Bluetooth receiver score in the high range?

Among the convenience features of many USB Bluetooth receivers is an automatic connection establishment. This way, you don’t need to initiate the transfer manually, but always benefit from a stable Bluetooth connection.

Most AUX Bluetooth adapters are designed for a range in m of ten meters and can be used without any problems. However, high-quality AUX Bluetooth adapters have even higher ranges of 50 meters and more. If you use headphones with a Bluetooth receiver, the specified range should be at least 15 meters.

What you should bear in mind: With inexpensive Bluetooth receivers, the range is often much lower.

This way, you can, for example, leave your room or change rooms without breaking the connection to the stereo system. Some models offer the so-called multi-pairing. Here, several devices are connected to the receiver at the same time.

Tip: Some HIFI Bluetooth receivers are compatible with special docking stations. Unlike AUX Bluetooth receivers or Bluetooth receivers with RCA connectors, you can only connect to devices that have a corresponding docking station. If you do not have these audio devices, an AUX Bluetooth adapter is recommended.

Bluetooth adapter for home stereo – Best Choice

Esinkin Bluetooth Adapter for HD Home Stereo

Esinkin Bluetooth Adapter for HD Home Stereo

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  • With NFC;
  • For 3.5 mm (AUX and RCA);
  • Exceptional high-definition audio.

Which Bluetooth receiver is suitable for the stereo system?

In order to play music from your smartphone via Bluetooth on your stereo, you need a Bluetooth receiver that you can place in the AUX input of your device. You can often find such devices in stores under the name AUX Bluetooth adapter. Alternatively, you can opt for a model with an RCA connector. For some Bluetooth receivers, an RCA connector is even part of the scope of delivery.

What Bluetooth adapters can do

Bluetooth’s adapters are about the size of a small notepad. They can be easily connected to the stereo system and then connected to the smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. However, it is not possible to make calls and stream music to the stereo at the same time; this is only possible alternately. In addition, the active Bluetooth connection sucks significantly on the battery of the smartphone or tablet. The Bluetooth version used should be at least 4.0 so that the connection is stable and has a good range. However, more than ten meters is rarely possible.

Tip: Do not hide the Bluetooth adapter behind the stereo system, as this worsens the reception. Free in the room is the best choice.

How good the sound is that arrives at the stereo via Bluetooth depends on the sound of the source material, of course. If you listen to highly compressed music on your smartphone, you will hardly notice a difference. However, if you are listening to MP3 files in high quality (320 kBit/s) or other uncompressed music, the Bluetooth adapter should support the “aptX” codec, which is optimized for sound quality. However, this is only useful if the smartphone also supports it. This is actually always the case for tablets and smartphones with Android 8.0. iPhones do not support “aptX”, they use “AAC” at most as a Bluetooth codec. The codec “aptX HD” provides even higher bandwidth than “aptX”, but very few users will hear the sound difference clearly.

Codec Bandwidth
AAC 250 kBit/s
SBC 345 kBit/s
aptX 345 kBit/s
aptX HD 576 kBit/s

Best Bluetooth adapter with volume control

TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Adapter

TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Adapter


  • Bluetooth 5.0;
  • Pair 2 at Once;
  • Audio Jack 3.5mm / RCA.

Bluetooth’s adapters for home stereo in comparison

Best Bluetooth Adapter with Low Latency

TaoTronics Bluetooth Audio Adapter

TaoTronics Bluetooth Audio Adapter


  • Digital optical Toslink and 3.5 mm;
  • Working Range: 10 m / 33ft;
  • Can pair with two headphones/speakers at once.

Best Bluetooth adapter with Lag-Free Synchronization

Anker Soundsync Bluetooth Adapter

Anker Soundsync Bluetooth Adapter


  • Bluetooth 5;
  • aptX HD music;
  • Connect via AUX, RCA, or optical cable.

Best Bluetooth adapter with Long Range

Auris Blume Audio Adapter

Auris Blume Audio Adapter


  • Supported Codecs: aptXHD, aptX LL, aptX, AAC & SBC.
  • Outputs: Stereo Analog RCA, Digital Optical (SPDIF)
  • Bluetooth Range: 30 meters/100 feet.


Music without wires is possible, and Bluetooth receivers can help you experience it. Find the most suitable receiver on our list and enjoy music wherever you want.

Add Bluetooth to any Vintage Home Stereo – Video

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