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Gray built-in closet in the niche of the hall

Gray built-in closets are currently at the peak of popularity. They are produced in a variety of shades, some of which are cool and some of which are warm, some of which are lighter, and some of which are darker. On the official website, they are presented with sliding doors and are made in straight or angular designs. Some of the fronts are made in one piece, while others are divided into sections. Before buying a certain sample, we advise you to read consumer reviews, and after some time, we recommend leaving your own to help future buyers in their choice.

Kitchen, bedroom, dressing room, living room, study, corridor, and hallway – for each of these rooms you will find spectacular and ergonomic designs, created by the designers of the company in different gray tones and shades.

Kitchen interiors with gray furniture

Gray furniture for the kitchen is versatile – it can easily fit into the environment created in almost any of the current interior styles. This solution here can be both a spectacular decoration of the interior and a background for creating decorative compositions created with the help of auxiliary materials, such as:

  • coatings of contrasting colors, including glossy;
  • different textures of coatings;
  • photoprinting on the facades;
  • decorative accessories.

Both neutral tones and bright, juicy colors are suitable for the kitchen furniture in gray – this applies to both fronts and countertops, and decor.

Gray bedroom interiors

Gray bedroom furniture is one of the popular options for furnishing the quietest and coziest room in the house. Gray tones can be warm and cold, cast steel or pearl shades. Because of this versatility, the color is successfully used by many designers to create bedroom interiors in a variety of styles:

  • minimalism;
  • scandinavian style;
  • techno;
  • classic style;
  • loft;
  • Art Nouveau, and others.

Gray colors are successfully used for both large and compact bedrooms, rooms with both good and scarce natural light, overlooking the south or north side.

Features and characteristics of built-in cabinets gray

Gray built-in cabinets are among the most versatile. They do not cause negative associations and are suitable for installation in a variety of rooms. They are made of inexpensive materials (mainly, the body is made of particleboard), so the finished products are sold at adequate prices. Allow a harmonious combination of different interior color solutions.

Designs that combine light and dark shades look the most aesthetically pleasing. They differ in length and interior configuration.

Built-in cabinets in gray are characterized by:

  • practicality;
  • versatility;
  • excellent appearance;
  • the possibility of using mirrors, lighting, door closers, and other additional elements, which can be purchased in our store.

Reflective elements solve two problems: contribute to the creation of the visual illusion of enlarged space and allow you to turn the room into a dressing room. With the help of backlighting, improve the aesthetic perception of the structures and quickly find the necessary things.

Buy built-in cabinets gray

Grey fitted wardrobe is presented in a large assortment in online stores. It is possible to place an order for the production of customized furniture according to your size and preferences.

Built-in closet closets

Unlike an ordinary closet, which consists of four walls, a walk-in closet has only (mostly) a front side, which consists of sliding doors. All the shelves are attached directly to the wall. The built-in closet is convenient to mount in niches. Then, even in a very small apartment, very little space is wasted. At the same time, visually the room can be enlarged by selecting the desired color of the doors.

In the bedroom, the main focus should be a large number of shelves for clothes and bedding.

When you build a dressing room with your own hands, you have an advantage, because you set up exactly what you need and want, or at any time you can change something. To all of this, you can significantly save money, because you will not need to use the services of specialists.

Listing rules

  1. In order for the dressing room to comply with world standards, it is necessary to follow certain rules:
  2. Create optimal zoning of the space;
  3. Arrange the lighting;
  4. Organize good ventilation;
  5. Provide easy access to each area;
  6. Do not clutter the territory of the dressing room with household items, tools for cleaning the apartment;
    install special furniture for the dressing room.

How to use it correctly in the interior

There are many ways to visually change the geometry of the space. One of the trends is the choice of light gray color not only to create the interior but also when selecting the main shade of the furniture.

When purchasing gray furniture, it is important to take into account the location of the room. Premises with windows to the north will be in winter and summer lack of natural sunlight. Especially if the interior will complement the appropriate finish of the walls, floor, and ceiling. To correct the red and yellow shades of the room’s south side, you need to pick up a white cabinet of gray or silver shades. Such tones will allow you to visually cool the atmosphere.

A great design technique to diversify the gray and dark interior – is the use of different textures. White glossy facades, light fluffy carpet, and textured plaster on the walls will give the room an interesting and original look. Built-in furniture for home office – built-in custom cabinets, custom cabinets –  https://urbanwardrobes.co.uk/services/fitted-home-offices

Gray closets coupe photo refer to furnishings items that fit seamlessly into the design of any destination room.

Corridor and hallway

These rooms are present in any dwelling and, as a rule, even in a small area, the owners try to find a place for furniture in which to store clothes and shoes. Most often, in order to visually make the room lighter, and more spacious, designers use light materials for finishing surfaces.

It is the gray compartment cabinet with mirrors that will fit perfectly into the interior of a small room. It will visually “raise” the ceiling, and the mirrored door cloths will create the illusion of a vast room. The same effect will be obtained when installing a cabinet with glossy fronts.

Living Room

A gray-colored closet can become an exquisite decoration of the hall. It is especially worth emphasizing that such furniture organically fits into the style of modern interiors. For living rooms, decorated in the styles of minimalism, and high-tech, it is desirable to choose models with frosted glass.
If the sterile-medical mood of the furniture evokes some confusion, you can use the facades with photo prints or patterns. Today very popular are abstract patterns or floral ornaments. The cabinet, the door leaves of which are decorated with Japanese characters, and paintings with blooming sakura, looks out of the ordinary.
A great idea would also be the principle of contrast: the installation of gray furniture by the wall, painted in a saturated shade – green, orange, white. Harmoniously will be a combined cream-colored closet and orange or light brown wall. And on a green or blue background, white furniture in pearly gray tones will stand out delicately.

In the case where it is not planned to accentuate the gray furniture, it is necessary to make the closet part of the overall composition. If a glossy cabinet is installed in a spacious living room, it is not recommended to use tones lighter than gray for wall decoration.


Gray can be considered a non-traditional color for bedroom decoration because it creates an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation. Therefore, the installation of a gray closet in the interior of the restroom can be considered a tradition. It is the matte facade of the products that will give the room peacefulness.
Vintage bedrooms are decorated with muted floral shades. Naturally, white and gray colors fulfill the main role. A great option would be to install a closet in a creamy shade or silver-gray.

Most often, bedrooms have a modest area and visually expand it with the help of lacquered facades. In order not to break the psychological comfort, it is advisable to choose a mirrored closet, which has only one glass door with a reflective surface out of several canvases. Or the furniture should be installed so that a sleeping person is not reflected in the mirror. So that the cabinet does not look austere, you can choose models with metal and gray details. Such additions will give the furniture a touch of sophistication and aristocrats.

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