Cleaning the grill grate: 5 tips to make the grill grate shine again

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Summer. Sun. Barbecue season. When the temperatures rise, so does the mood and the desire to barbecue. Whether alone, with friends or family a barbecue tastes good to everyone, but who takes care of the star of the party? The grill. Much more the grill grate, which has all the work.

To clean the grill grate, there are a few tips and tricks on how to get the grate clean and remove and prevent contamination. This makes not only grilling fun, but also the cleaning afterward.

The most important in a nutshell

  • There are many utensils to clean the grill grate. From special cleaners to home remedies, there’s something for everyone.
  • Soaking. Cleaning. Maintain. Rules to follow when cleaning your grill grate. Pre-negotiation when cleaning the grill grate is essential.
  • A grill mat helps prevent gross stains on the grate. The perfect gadget for barbecue lovers.

What is a grill grate?

A grill grate is usually a grid, which is round or rectangular. A grate is used as a barrier between food open flame, contributing to the fermentation process in question. The flame comes from wood, gas, or electric grill and the grill grate is an essential part of the grill. However, grilling can also be done over the flame of a campfire.

There is a significant difference in material among commercial grill grates: stainless steel vs. cast iron. Often, the stainless steel grill grate is more likely to be purchased and included with the purchase of a grill.

The stainless steel grate

Widely used and found on most grills. It has many advantages.

  • Advantage

You can easily buy this grate. It is heat-resistant and easy to clean. The food does not take on a different taste through the grate and because of the stainless steel, your grate will last you a long time if you take good care of it.

  • Disadvantage

The heat is not always stored optimally and evenly. Therefore, you do not always achieve a 100% grilling result.

The cast iron grate

However, the cast iron grate also has its advantages and can be the right choice for the right amateur cook.

  • Advantage

You get a great grilling result with classic branding here, as the heat is distributed wonderfully evenly. It is very durable and valuable due to its material.

  • Disadvantage

However, the material also makes the grate particularly heavy. Cleaning is more complex and indirect grilling is difficult on a cast iron grate.

When buying a grill, you can decide individually according to your taste. Find the right grate for you to achieve the best grilling results. However, in this article, cleaning methods are mainly given for a stainless steel grate, since this type of grill grate most people have at home.

how to clean grill

What you should know about cleaning your grill grate

While grilling, you don’t think about cleaning up afterward. Depending on what you’re grilling, cleaning can also be very involved and time-consuming, which is why you should address the proper cleaning of your grill ahead of time.

Regular cleaning and the right utensils can already work wonders. Here with us, you can clarify the most important questions about cleaning the grill grate, because with the necessary information the cleaning of the grill is done quickly.

When should you clean your grill grate?

If you clean your grill grate regularly, you can prevent coarse soiling and annoying scrubbing of the grate. In addition, your grill grate will remain of high quality for a long time if you take care of it properly.

It is recommended to clean the grate thoroughly after each barbecue, there are both home remedies and appropriate cleaning agents. Shortly before the BBQ, you should clean the grate briefly, a dry cloth is fully sufficient here. In this way, you remove any residues from storage.

You should plan a larger cleaning action both before and after the barbecue season because preparation is everything. If you store your grill in the basement or garage over winter, you should clean the grill thoroughly beforehand.

It is also worthwhile to thoroughly scrub the grill grate before grilling because over the winter months some dust can collect and everyone wants to grill as clean and shiny a grate as possible.

How should you clean your grill grate?

As mentioned earlier, you can influence the way you clean your grate with regular cleaning, because repeated cleaning reduces the amount of effort required to clean it.

There are three rough ways of cleaning: dry, wet, and passive. In this way, you can clean your grill at various times. Dry cleaning is often sufficient before grilling.

What utensils do you need for cleaning?

Cleaning the grill grate does not always have to be expensive, because even home remedies, which every household carries, can lead to a radiantly beautiful result. That’s why you don’t need a lot of expensive utensils.

Who loves his barbecue should deal with the right accessories because so grilling, storing, and cleaning the grill is also really fun and belongs to the whole experience. Be it special rust cleaners, brushes, or covers for every barbecue lover is the right thing.

The best BBQ cleaning head

Grill Rescue BBQ Replaceable Cleaning Head

Grill Rescue BBQ Replaceable Cleaning Head


  • Doesn’t leave residue on the grill.
  • Can use on the hot spaces.
  • Durable & heat-resistant.

What to do about a dirty grill grate: 5 tips to make your grill grate shine

There are many ways to clean your grill. From home remedies to lawn tricks, to special cleaners that will make your grate shine. Find the right tip for you, so you can enjoy grilling for a long time.

Because if you take good care of your grill and grate and clean them well, you can enjoy your grill for a long time. Because even a grill grate has its cost and should therefore be well maintained as long as possible.

Tip 1: Home remedies – vinegar, baking soda, and Co against coarse dirt

Home remedies can help you with dirt on the grill grate well. Home remedies are cheap and one of the home remedies you will always have in the cupboard, that’s why they are so versatile and valuable.

  • Vinegar

A little vinegar in lukewarm water and armed with a sponge or steel wool you can get to grill residues. Vinegar effectively and gently removes grime on the grate.

  • Baking soda

Baking soda, salt, and citric acid powder can be used to make a natural cleaning agent that will also keep your grill clean. With natural power and a little scrubbing, the grill grate will be clean again after every feast.

  • Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds give the grill grate a good soaking and the residue is easily removed. The enzymes in the coffee grounds additionally care for the grill grate and make the grate shine due to the lubricating effect during cleaning.

As you can see, the home remedies are versatile, find the right home remedy for your grill and clean it thoroughly after grilling.

Gentle cleaning on a natural basis, the remedies are not mixed with chemical substances and are therefore also suitable for a household with children.

Cleaning with home remedies is done quickly and easily, moreover, you can use home remedies such as baking soda and vinegar for many other household mishaps. The versatility and effectiveness of home remedies are also convincing for the grill grate.

Tip 2: Shaving foam – Helps to make the grate shine

Not only for wet shaving but also for barbecuing, the lubricating effect of shaving foam comes in handy. Who has a grill master in the house, has certainly also shaving foam ready?

Shake well and generously applied to the cooled grill grate, the shaving foam can not only make the beard smooth. Apply the shaving foam generously and let it work well.

The best way to do this is to use a garbage bag, so you can pack the shaving foam grate well and let it act accordingly.

Overnight a true miracle happens, and the grill residues can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

The mixture in the bag will look brownish and unsightly, but the effect on the grill grate is all the better. After this kind of cleaning, you should clean your grill grate well and let it air out for a day so that the next time the bratwurst can taste delicious again.

Tip 3: Meadow – lawn against the grill dirt

If you like to barbecue and invite many people, you often have a large garden area at your disposal. This green area can not only help you invite and entertain your guests but also become a hard worker after the barbecue.

The meadow can help you to clean your grill grate well again. After the barbecue you should let your grill cool down a bit, then you can lay it loosely on the lawn.

However, it should not be a very hot, dry summer evening, because for the lawn trick you also need some moisture. A balmy summer night followed by morning dew is just the thing for a clean barbecue grill.

The moisture in the grass and the morning dew soaks the dirt residue, making it easy to get it off the grill grate. The cleaning of your barbecue grill is thus made very easy for you. The cleaning of your barbecue grill is hardly more uncomplicated. Nature helps you.

However, you should hope for a trusting neighborhood and few cats in the area, because the four-legged friends also like to lick the grill. No matter if cats are around or not, you should clean the grill conscientiously with water and detergent after placing it in the grass.

cleaning your grill grate

Tip 4: Newspaper – news against the dirt

Sounds like a very simple and rudimentary way to get your grill grate clean again. But this tip helps, and you can clean your grill grate in a cheap way. The methodology is more than simple:

  1. Let the grill grate cool down.
  2. Wet newspaper and wrap it thoroughly around the grill grate.
  3. Leave to soak for 1-2 hours.
  4. Loosen dirt and wipe off with water, then dry it.

The newspaper and moisture will easily loosen stubborn dirt. If the dirt is a bit heavier, you should add some dishwashing detergent to the water, so you get flawless results and your barbecue grill looks new.

As you can see, it is essential to put the grill in the water and then remove the dirt easily. Who wants to clean his grill well needs patience, because even in a water bath or with a damp newspaper, the dirt can be dissolved well.

Tip 5: Cleaning products – special products against stubborn grill residues

For real enthusiasts who want to take special care of and clean their barbecue, special products are suitable for removing stubborn residues from the grate.

Especially if you grill frequently, the means are worthwhile, because so you clean and maintain your grate best. The cleaning agents also give your grate an extra coating. Paired with a grill mat you can clean your grate best.

High-quality cleaning agents are also particularly good before winterizing the grill. This is because not only do the agents have great cleaning power, but grill lovers can get great enjoyment out of the various utensils for the grill. That’s why a set of barbecue utensils, a cleaning set, or a high-quality barbecue apron is also a great gift for the boss at the BBQ.

Goo Gone Grill and Grate Cleaner

Goo Gone Grill and Grate Cleaner


  • Cleans the toughest messes.
  • Biodegradable and reduces smoke/flare-ups.
  • Do not use on aluminum or faux stainless steel.

What else you should know about cleaning your grill grate

A hearty BBQ for family and friends can be so much fun so that the cleaning of the grill grate is also fun we give you more tips and information on how to clean a grill grate best, or the dirt can even be avoided. In addition, there is also information about forgotten places on the grill grate, and the cleaning of your grill grate is made even easier for you because it is important to know how to approach the whole thing.

How can you avoid gross contamination on the grill grate?

As already mentioned, one possibility is the so-called grill mat. This is placed over the grate like a protective mat, soiling directly on the grill grate is best avoided. However, there are also many other products that keep your grill clean.

The barbecue trend is getting bigger and bigger and more and more is being tried out, that’s why new products are coming on the market that is aimed at barbecue lovers. Pans for cheese, fish, burgers, or pizza are not only for the palate, but additionally keep your grill clean.

A special grill pan for vegetables also makes the heart of vegetarians beat faster. A grill basket for fish, salt stone for flavor, or cheese pan for everyone is something and the best part of the whole story is that the grill is kept clean by the many gadgets.

Nevertheless, you should clean your grill grate regularly.

Even if the grill is not very dirty, you should clean it quickly before and after grilling. This way you also reduce health risks and the grilled food tastes better.

Which areas are often forgotten when cleaning?

Especially the spaces in the grate are difficult to reach and are therefore often forgotten when cleaning the grate. The work is often tedious and takes longer than just a quick rinse. Nevertheless, proper cleaning is especially important on the grill.

To avoid this, there are special interspace brushes that are designed to keep your grill clean. With these brushes, you should clean your grill regularly, preferably after each grilling.

This way you will keep your grill grate for a long time and the grilled food will taste especially delicious because you remove toxic, unhealthy, and not very tasty residues in the gaps of your grill.


A good cleaning is essential because coarse residues can also be harmful to your health. In addition, the grilled food tastes much better from a well-maintained grate. Therefore, you should clean your grill grate thoroughly before the next barbecue.

The various home remedies and cleaning agents will help you especially well, so you keep your grate clean and can enjoy it for a long time and always try out new barbecue trends. This way, grilling and cleaning your grate will be a lot of fun.

In any case, you should avoid chemical agents on the grill grate, because you do not want to burden yourself and the health of your family and friends with harmful fumes that arise during grilling. Rather, rely on natural means and helpers.

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