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Working together, to build great projects.

  • 200 + Researched products.
  • 300 + Invested hours.
  • 100 + Selected and confirmed best products.
  • 5 + Members.

How objective is the selection of comparison products?

We do not claim to be objective! As long as people have to make a selection, subjective factors will always play a role. However, we exclude too much subjectivity by defining fixed selection criteria that ultimately ensure maximum objectivity.

About Us

Contact usSteve Toomey

The main inspirer and creator of this resource

In passion about gardening, home decor & interior. Also, likes to DIY projects and interesting in house gadgets. Moreover, he likes to find out how to make cooking easier and simple with kitchen gadgets.





Contact usVanessa Sky

Home Chef & Review Creator

Home cook and foodie with a passion. She knows how to choose the best wine for your beef and what to add to your pizza to make it memorable. Using all types of home helpers, like wine pumps and grills for the yard, she writes reviews and helps manuals to make your kitchen experience easy and happy.




Contact usMargaret Miller

Assistant & copywriter

Just a good person and a pro.





A product selection is made according to these criteria:

  • The popularity of the product.
  • Customer reviews.
  • The market presence.
  • Independent test portals and consumer magazines.
  • The use of manufacturer information.
  • Current models.
  • Own experiences.
  • One of the information sources – Forums.

Isn’t there a conflict of interest?

Some people have already asked us whether we really make our product selection as objectively as possible or whether monetary interests are in the foreground.
The answer is simple: our work is designed for the long term and only if we satisfy you in the long term will you visit us again. Therefore, we make our product selection to the best of our knowledge and on the basis of the criteria listed above.

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Our Story

Our team of writers and editors thoroughly researches products and services of interest to consumers.

How do we choose our experts?

You already know that we want to be always up to date on our website: every day we introduce innovations! We have a clear goal: to provide you with reliable information of the highest quality. That’s why we put a lot of time and effort into selecting the most qualified experts, whose job it is to check the data and information in our articles.

  • Our editorial standards aim for authenticity and accuracy.
  • Our journalists obtain their information from reliable sources.
  • Our journalists obtain their information from reliable sources.
  • Our information is verified and of high quality.
  • Our experts are the best in each field and confirm that the information we give you is accurate.