The Best Crocks for Fermenting at Home

You will need a fermentation pot if you want to ferment fruits and vegetables,
make your own pickles or sauerkraut, or plan to make a rum pot.

The best fermentation pots are made of stoneware, were glazed and have both a lid with a water channel and handles to help you carry the fermentation pot.

Best Fermentation Crock Pots

sauerkraut pots for fermentation

How to choose the right Fermentation Crock Pots

While your personal preferences and needs will determine the capacity of the fermentation pot, and thus determine its height and dead weight, the material, lid and handle are other product details.
  • You will need a fermentation pot if you want to ferment fruits and vegetables, pickle cucumbers, plan to make sauerkraut or even make a rum pot. In all of these cases, you will need a fermentation pot, which is often referred to as a fermentation pot. With an eye on the quantities you want to make of your desired product, you need to choose the capacity before you buy a fermentation pot. As a rule of thumb, a fermentation pot with a 5 liter capacity is good for a one to two person household. If you want to feed your family, friends and relatives in addition, you will need a larger fermentation pot.

  • The quality of a fermentation pot depends largely on the material and the product details: The best fermentation pots are made of stoneware or ceramic. They should also be glazed, which makes them resistant to acids and makes cleaning easier for you. Some manufacturers also state in various fermentation pot tests on the Internet that their products are dishwasher-safe. This additionally makes the cleaning procedure easier for you.

  • Important product details in the fermentation pot comparison are the lid and handle: The lid must fit into the water channel to enable fermentation in the first place. Handles make it easier for you to carry, because most fermentation pots already have a fairly high dead weight of between five and ten kilograms when unfilled. The lighter models from various fermentation pot tests, which also have a lower height and are easier to store when not in use, usually also have a smaller capacity.
Humble House SAUERKROCK Fermentation Crock

Humble House SAUERKROCK Fermentation Crock

  • Crock with Glazed Weights and Cabbage Tamper
  • 2 Liter / 0.5 Gallon capacity
  • Cook hot dogs, sausages, taquitos and dozens of other delicious food with ease.
  • Water channel feature seals foods from foreign matter like dust and dirt

4,6 Rating

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What can a fermentation pot be used for?

When there were no refrigerators and freezers, every household had a fermentation pot to preserve food from their own vegetable and fruit garden. This tradition was passed down from generation to generation within the family in order to always have enough food on hand. Everyone knew how to use a fermentation pot to preserve food. Due to a change in lifestyle and technological progress, home fermentation fell into oblivion. But for some years now, fermentation pots have been experiencing a true renaissance, as delicacies can be preserved in a completely natural way using simple means.

The production of delicious sauerkraut, the pickling of cucumbers, red cabbage, white cabbage and fruits succeeds in the twinkling of an eye and you know later exactly what is contained in the food. A special feature that people with a healthy diet appreciate is the gentle process in which the food is not heated. This preserves important vitamins and nutrients that are not present in canned vegetables or frozen foods from the supermarket.

The best use of the fermentation pot is for seasonal vegetables. Freshly harvested, cleaned and prepared for fermentation, you can eat healthy and inexpensive for the coming months. Fermented foods are delicious in taste, easy to digest, low in calories, free of additives and preservatives, and provide the body with all the essential vitamins and nutrients. Especially if you want to live health-conscious, a fermentation pot is ideal..

Seeutek Fermentation Crock Jar

Seeutek Fermentation Crock Jar

  • Stoneware Pot for Fermenting, Pickling Kimchi, Pickles, Vegetables, Kombucha
  • High-grade ceramic materia
  • Easy to wash

4,6 Rating

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What does fermentation mean and how does it work?

Fermentation is the decomposition of organic compounds by microorganisms and/or enzymes (ferments) when food in the fermentation vessel is not exposed to oxygen.

  • The fermentation pot is then sealed airtight. The bacteria now multiply in the pot and convert starch and sugar from the vegetables into lactic acid. This process lowers the pH value. This creates an acidic environment in which putrefactive bacteria cannot survive. During fermentation, vitamin B12 is formed by the lactic acid bacteria. This is otherwise only present in animal foods. This offers an extra advantage for vegetarians and vegans. In addition, pickled vegetables produce completely new flavors as a result of the conversion of fatty acids by the lactic acid bacteria.
  • Note: Foods that have been preserved with bacteria have a high histamine content. The special messenger substance behind this can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive people, especially in higher concentrations. The foods affected include, for example, pickled vegetables and sauerkraut. How high the histamine content is depends on the duration and type of fermentation.
Schmitt Gartoph Fermentation Crock

Schmitt Gartoph Fermentation Crock

  • Construction is identical to larger fermentation pots
  • This crock uses a water channel with a slotted lid that sits in the channel
  • Made in Germany

4,4 Rating

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TOP 3 Fermenting Crock for Serious Pickling

Top pick
Kerazo K&K Keramik Fermenting Crock Pot review

4,6 Rating

Kerazo Keramik Fermenting Crock Pot

Pots are hand crafted, made in Germany, and designed in a modern, functional bulbous shape with side handles. Handles on two sides for ease of lifting and transporting.
Perfect Pick
NIK SCHMITT Fermentation Crock review

4,4 Rating

NIK SCHMITT Fermentation Crock

10.0 Liter (2.6 Gal). Included: Two fermenting stones. Jars are coated with a natural lead-free and cadmium-free slip glaze. The jar is scratch proof, heat-resistant and dishwasher proof.
Editor’s Pick
Mortier Pilon Glass Fermentation Jar

4,3 Rating

Mortier Pilon Glass Fermentation Jar

5L glass fermentation jar with silicone sleeve, jar lid and ceramic weight. Fermentation crock can be used to make all of your favorites at home: sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, vegetables etc.

How do I clean and care for a fermentation pot?

A fermentation pot must always be clean and free of residues before new vegetables or fruits are filled into the pot for fermentation and pickling. In many cases, cleaning with plain water is sufficient. If pure water is not sufficient for cleaning, a commercial dishwashing detergent can also be used. The stoneware ceramic of the fermentation pots is insensitive to acid. Nevertheless, after rinsing with household cleaner, a thorough rinse with clear water should be performed to completely remove detergent residues. These can not only affect the fermentation process, but also adulterate the taste of the fermented food.

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