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You love the scent of essential oils and would prefer to surround yourself with fresh, relaxing, or soothing aromas every day? Then you are missing a diffuser! Thanks to the practical aroma diffusers, you will not only distribute a wonderful fragrance in your own home but also increase the humidity at the same time.

Diffusers have a water tank, an atomizer unit, and in some cases LED lights that use light to provide calming in addition to aromatherapy. Basically, diffusers differ greatly on these points. For example, there are large devices with a water tank that holds more than 1,000ml, but also small, portable aroma diffusers that can hold less than 300ml. The atomizer also varies in performance.

How many drops of essential oil you should add to the water? In fact, only a few drops of essential oil are enough, depending on how intense you want it to smell in the room. We recommend 1-3 drops per 100ml of water.

What to look for when choosing:

  • Power supply: There are battery-operated aroma diffusers without cables and those that are operated with a mains connection. Before buying, users should therefore check the desired place of use. If there is no power outlet nearby, we recommend a model that works on battery power.
  • Safety: What happens when the water runs out? If you want to use your diffuser permanently and without constant supervision, you should make sure that the vaporizer switches itself off when the water supply is empty to prevent overheating.
  • Extra features: Many diffusers not only emit a pleasant fragrance but also offer a treat for the eye with LEDs in different colors.

Smells influence life more than most people think. We often notice particularly bad smells, which we then want to avoid. But pleasant scents also reach our noses, such as the scent of perfume, the smell of freshly washed laundry, or the delicious aroma of our favorite dish. Scents have a special meaning for people. Many smells are associated with certain memories and feelings. But scents can also have an effect on mood and well-being. For example, there are scents that are invigorating and promote concentration, but also those that have a calming effect. Electric fragrance diffusers are used to diffuse scents in your living spaces.

Essential oil diffuser for large space – Best Choice

GENIANI Essential Oil Diffuser

GENIANI Essential Oil Diffuser

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  • Large space coverage up to 220 sq. ft.
  • 4L (1.05 gallons) water tank that lasts up to 18 hours.
  • Noise level: 38dB.

Aroma diffuser test – which one suits whom?

Who wants to choose an aroma diffuser, should initially be aware of what he intends to do with it. There are just such models, which can be used not only for aromatizing but also specifically to raise the humidity in the room. Furthermore, it is necessary to know the size of the room in which the diffuser will perform its work. If the area is less than 20 square meters, then you have few problems and have a free choice, since almost any of the above aroma diffuser creates this area.

From 215 square feet and more, we recommend buying rather a larger model that offers a water tank of over 200ml. This way, you simply don’t have to refill the tank as often, and you can relax a lot more. Each of the listed diffusers easily accepts essential oils and distributes them evenly in the room by means of the atomizer. With only a 100ml water tank, the diffuser, unfortunately, worked only managed a few hours. We would generally recommend a model with more than 200ml if you want to use it at home. For use on the road or in small rooms, models with 100ml are also satisfactory.

The Best essential oil diffuser with timer

ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser

ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser

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  • Runtime: 16 hours.
  • Coverage: 300 square feet.
  • Easy to clean large 500ml water tank.

Humidifier Buying advice: What matters when buying a diffuser?

Brightly colored or rather plain and inconspicuous? Aroma diffusers come in many shapes and with various features. Our buying guide will help you find the right model for individual needs.

  • Usability: The basic functions of an aroma humidifier should be uncomplicated to use. Control elements on the front are a plus for this. Refilling the water supply should also be as uncomplicated as possible.
  • Filling quantity: The filling quantity is decisive for how long the humidifier can be operated without interruption. Here, there are nebulizers with very different tank sizes, ranging from 80 ml to over 1,000 ml. However, most aroma diffusers have a tank volume between 100 and 300 ml. How long that allows for the continuous operation depends on the evaporation performance.
  • Evaporation capacity: it ranges from 15 to 50 milliliters in our comparison models. Important: For models with very high evaporation or continuous operation, users should ventilate regularly to avoid potential mold growth indoors.
  • Fragrance oils: Manufacturers usually specify whether their aroma diffuser may be used with fragrance oils, and if so, which ones. In most cases, these are natural, water-soluble essences. Some models can also be used with brine or saline solutions.
  • Volume: If you want to use a diffuser in the living room or bedroom, you should pay attention to the noise level. Some diffusers develop a certain volume that can be considered annoying when watching TV in the living room or at night in the bedroom. Many manufacturers are aware of this and have diffusers with very low noise development around 20 dB in the program.

Best 2-in-1 humidifier and diffuser

Homasy ColorMist Cool Mist Humidifier

Homasy ColorMist Cool Mist Humidifier

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  • Capacity: 2500 ml.
  • Working Time: up to 30H.
  • Noise Level: 25dB.

How does an aroma diffuser work?

Most diffusers vaporize about 25 to 40 ml of water per hour. Often, the evaporation power can be regulated individually. So if you only want to lightly enrich your room air with aroma, you can set a low evaporation rate. On the other hand, those who want to use the diffuser to increase the humidity should choose a vaporizer with a higher evaporation rate.

Which essential oils should I use for diffusers?

When using an aroma diffuser, care should be taken to ensure that the correct oil is used. Most manufacturers make a recommendation on which oils are best to use in their devices. Those who want to use the diffuser for aromatherapy should make sure that their device is suitable for the use of essential oils.

Are aroma diffusers harmful to health?

Basically, most aroma diffusers have a health-promoting and relaxing effect due to their air-humidifying properties. Aromas such as menthol or eucalyptus also have an expectorant effect and help users breathe more freely.

When using fragrance oils, however, less is more, as they can harm the body in the long run. The terpenes citral, limonene, and geranium oil contained in citrus fragrances, for example, are potential allergy triggers.

Aroma diffusers should consequently not run continuously, but be used selectively. This also prevents the nose from becoming accustomed to the scent and consciously perceives it instead of blocking it out.

The best aesthetic essential oil diffuser

Hathaspace Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

Hathaspace Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

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  • 7-color mood light.
  • BPA-Free.
  • Coverage: 300+ sq. ft.

What should you consider when buying an aroma humidifier?

Diffusers not only emit a pleasant room scent but also provide attractive lighting. The majority of diffusers in relevant diffuser tests have different LEDs that shine in different colors.

The hues of the LEDs also serve the purpose of evoking certain moods in the user. For instance, the LED diffuser may glow in an orange hue, reminiscent of sunrises and sunsets, supporting just the relaxing scents.

With essential oils, diffusers not only provide a fresh scent but also a better sense of well-being.

Depending on the environment and the desired effect, most devices allow you to set changing light in addition to individual shades. While fixed shades are suitable for night lighting or for calming, changing colors, i.e. a sequence of different shades, can have a stimulating effect.

Do ultrasonic humidifiers allow for even distribution?

Some electric room humidifiers work with ultrasound. This is supposed to distribute fragrances and moisture better in the room air. Whether ultrasonic aroma diffusers are actually that much better than others could not be proven in any room humidifier test.

What all electric devices have in common is that they do not heat water and oil to vaporize them. So, you don’t have to fear contamination of the air you breathe or fire hazards when you use a diffuser.

The following advantages and disadvantages are attributed to diffusers with ultrasonic technology:


  • fast effect;
  • even distribution of the fragrance;
  • low noise level;
  • fewer lime deposits.


  • higher purchase price.

The Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy

Vitruvi Ceramic Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Vitruvi Ceramic Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

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  • Coverage: 500 square feet.
  • Run times: 4 and 8 hours.
  • Automatic Safety Shut-Off.

How to care for and clean your diffuser optimally?

A device like an aroma humidifier should be regularly maintained and cleaned. Instructions on how to clean your aroma diffuser can of course be found in the manufacturer’s operating instructions. Most diffusers are made of plastic or glass, so they are easy to clean.

How to care for and clean your diffuser optimally

For example, you can easily remove the residue from the diffuser oil with a cloth and some cleaner. In addition to oil residue, limescale can also build up in the aroma diffuser due to the use of water. Depending on how hard your water is, this will happen sooner or later.

However, you can also prevent lime deposits. You can either use distilled water or use a water filter to filter tap water. Such a filter can pull large parts of the limescale out of the water.

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