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Shelves stage every room differently

With suspended, hanging, or wall shelves you can not only effectively use unused storage space, but they are also welcome as decorative objects in any room. That’s why they come in such a variety of materials, large and small, wide or narrow.

The range of suspended shelves is simply overwhelming and offers enough choice for every purpose. Suspended shelves serve many needs in terms of design and size. Whether for the kitchen, bathroom, or living room, the variations are limitless. They offer space for a wide variety of utensils and are easy to install.

Floating shelf at a glance

  • Floating shelves are all shelves that do not stand on the floor. They are also known as wall shelves, hanging shelves or bookshelves. They have one thing in common, the attachment to a wall surface.
  • There are special wooden floating shelves, those made of glass or plastic, as well as metal floating shelves. They are available in square or round, with or without limiting wood and with or without visible fasteners.
  • In terms of materials, there is a wide range of sizes and shapes, as well as sets with several wall shelves. However, in the purchase price floating shelves are cheaper than any other piece of furniture.

Wall shelves, wall shelves, or floating shelves do not replace a closet, but they bring decorations, plants, or books into focus without taking up a lot of space. A wall shelf can make the most of existing wall space. In addition to the classic wooden shelf, there are the most diverse ideas, from glass shelves to metal floating shelves.

Baskets, boxes, glasses, or even vacation mementos make it the eye-catcher of any room. If a floating shelf is narrow it is especially suitable for pictures or spices. Wide shelves are more suitable for heavier things, such as books or ceramics. And the interesting thing about it, you can also easily build a floating shelf yourself.

Floating Shelves – Best Choice

Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves

Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves

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  • For the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, office.
  • Max Weight Capacity: 40lb.
  • Material: solid paulownia wood and iron.

What is a floating shelf?

A floating shelf is a shelf that is open at the front and is attached to the wall. It does not float, as the name might suggest, but it appears free-floating, which is what gave it its name. You can use individual shelves in the set, arrange them one above the other or use them to form figures. They create space for all kinds of objects in any form. A floating shelf symbolically floats on the wall without touching the floor. It is also called a wall shelf or bookcase. The possibilities of use are as versatile as the range of wall shelves. As a floating shelf with a drawer in the hallway area, it not only serves as a newspaper or letter tray, but also serves as a storage box for keys, a safe for your wallet, or storage for your cell phone and power bank. In the children’s room wall shelves are convenient for toys or school books. As a kitchen floating shelf it takes spices, cookbooks, or mortars and storage jars. There are countless other purposes.

Our floating shelf recommendation is also suitable for this:

  • Bookshelf.
  • CD or DVD shelf.
  • Wine rack.
  • Plant shelf.
  • For photos, pictures, or as a poster stand.
  • Spice rack.
  • Tool rack.
  • Collectibles and much more.

Floating shelf sets, usually consisting of two or three different shelves, can be attached like an etagere. From plain white floating shelves to colored kids’ room floating shelves, boards with drawers, or glass shelves, there is almost nothing that does not exist. Your personal taste decides on the best floating shelves.

Best Solid Wood Floating Shelf

SRIWATANA Floating Shelves

SRIWATANA Floating Shelves

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  • Material: paulownia wood.
  • Sizes: Large shelf: 16.7 x 4.7 x 3.9 in. Medium shelf: 14 x 4.7 x 3.4 in. Small shelf: 9.6 x 4.7 x 2.8 in.
  • Easy-to-install.

Angle, bracket, or concealed mounting

There are various methods for mounting the suspended shelves, depending on the model. The suspension should always match the ambiance of the room. To the Scandinavian or country style best fit rustic fasteners, to the white lacquered interior rather discreet concealed.

Rustic mounting method

The conventional method is to attach with angles or brackets. Both remain visible later and serve as a support for the wall shelf. L-angles can look very discreet in this case, because you do not need support at the bottom. Brackets are usually triangular and support the wall shelf from below. Angle and bracket are firmly screwed to the wall and to the shelf. In this case, the fastening can be made of cast iron, or wood, or plastic. This type of mounting is considered very robust, and it is suitable for heavier loads.

Elegant method of fastening

Modern wallboards are mounted invisibly. For this purpose, they have small indentations on the back with receptacles for screws previously fixed in the wall. The floating shelf is only attached to it and hides the drill holes. This is a very elegant mounting, which makes the board literally float. A load of these floating shelves depends on the existing screws, dowels, and the wall.

Note: For most floating shelves, the maximum load is indicated on the packaging. However, this only applies if the wall for the dowel holes and the screws comply with the manufacturer’s specifications. This is usually masonry or concrete. In the case of stud or sheetrock walls, caution is advised here.

Materials for the floating shelf assessment

The range of materials for the wall shelves is wide and leaves little to be desired.
Here is a small selection of the most common:

  • Solid wood from different types of wood, natural or surface-treated.
  • Pressed chipboard (MDF panels) coated, in wood-look as a floating shelf gray or black, glossy or matte.
  • Metal as fastening system, all-round housing, or as metal sheets.
  • Plastics in bright colors.
  • Glass shelves in clear glass, structured or stained.
  • Stone shelves made of granite & co.

Best Floating Shelves with Invisible Brackets

InPlace Shelving Floating Wall Shelf

InPlace Shelving Floating Wall Shelf

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  • Material: MDF.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Weight capacity: 17.64 lbs.

Dowels and screws for fastening

The fastening in the wall is crucial for the load capacity of your floating shelf. Dowels and screws must be able to bear the maximum load of the wall shelf.

  • Standard dowels

These include all-purpose dowels and expansion dowels. While all-purpose dowels are used for wood, concrete, lightweight walls, chipboard or brick, expansion dowels are suitable for fastening in solid stone or concrete.

  • Cavity dowels

Cavity dowels are suitable for lightweight construction, those made of metal for chipboard and plaster walls, and spring-loaded dowels for attaching very heavy objects.

  • Common dowel sizes

The most common dowels used in the home are 6, 8, and 10. The screws that go with them should always be 1 to 2 sizes smaller than the dowel size.

Suspended shelf Note: Often the necessary mounting material is supplied but beware, it is not suitable for every wall.

Floating shelf advantages & disadvantages


  • very many sizes available;
  • the choice among many materials and shapes;
  • partly with a railing or front edge;
  • partly with sidewalls;
  • easy fastening;
  • different types of fastening.


  • always drill holes required;
  • load capacity limited.

Best Handcrafted Floating Shelves

Imperative Décor Floating Shelves

Imperative Décor Floating Shelves

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  • Material: Walnut.
  • NO need for a drill.
  • Shelves are hand-stained.

Our floating shelf buying guide

Before heading out to buy a floating shelf, here’s a quick review of our concise buying criteria.

What will my wall shelf be used for?

A floating shelf can be used universally, but you should still think about what will be arranged on it beforehand. An unused corner by the window may tolerate a shelf for an attractive plant. If you want to display only photos or pictures, you will need a floating shelf with a bar at the front, just as for a few books it is better to choose a U-shelf with a side border.

What load capacity do I need?

Depending on the length and material, a floating shelf can be loaded with different weights. Usually, the maximum load is specified by the manufacturer. If you want to store a lot of books, you might want to weigh them beforehand, because they can quickly add up to several kilos. The same applies to heavy collectibles or full storage cans.

Which dowels and screws do I need?

If you have stone or concrete walls, you usually don’t need to worry about this. Screws and dowels are often included in the delivery. It becomes more difficult with hollow walls or stud walls. You may need to consult a specialist.

What space should a suspended shelf occupy?

If you want to be on the safe side, you should make a scaled sketch and possibly explore the best place with a piece of wood. This is especially practical if more than one shelf is to be installed.

Is it cheaper to combine several floating shelves?

Many manufacturers offer sets, sometimes with identical floating shelves, sometimes in different sizes. Such combinations are often very favorable for the kitchen or for walls that otherwise look quite bare.

Fix visible or invisible?

This is again a question of purpose and style of interior. Invisibly mounted floating shelves look very elegant but usually cannot support as much weight as shelves that are visibly mounted. Visible fastening, on the other hand, looks very rustic and suits vintage or country style.

Which material is the right one?

Glass, wood, or MDF board, which is better? All materials can look very distinctive, but they are not suitable for every space. Glass suspended shelves are rather inappropriate for the kitchen because they are quite sensitive to dust or grease deposits, here MDF boards are better because they are easy to clean. Real wood is also a little more maintenance-intensive, but very robust.

Best Large Floating Shelves

Giftgarden Floating Shelves

Giftgarden Floating Shelves

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  • Size: 35.82 x 5.51 x 2.67 inches.
  • Made of high-quality composite wood.
  • Sturdy and durable.

How to install a hanging shelf?

The delivery usually includes all the necessary materials and instructions. Attachment is simple and in most cases self-explanatory. A hanging shelf for the closet is attached to the clothes rail. Hanging shelves for doors are simply hung from the top of the door.
Wall shelves are usually attached to the wall with dowels and screws. However, there are also shelves for which a hook is fixed in the wall and then the shelf is hung. In another variant, the shelf is attached to a steel beam, which is previously attached to the wall.


To decorate an empty wall or create additional storage space hanging shelves are ideal. Due to the many different designs and models, there is a wide choice. For little money, you can get sets and attach them at any distance from each other or even in different rooms.

The assembly is very simple and mostly self-explanatory. When loading a wall shelf, it is important to include the type of construction of the wall. In the bathroom, you should pay attention to a moisture-resistant material.

With a hanging shelf, you create new space for your things, using the free space on doors and walls. Decorating a wall is also easy with a beautiful hanging shelf and decorative items or plants on it.

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