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Is cooking one of your hobbies and do you like to prepare the most elaborate meals? This can be quite a bit of work for you, especially cutting the ingredients into small pieces. But which knife is suitable for which food? With the practical all-purpose slicer, you can cut everything from bread to vegetables to sausage. This is not only fast but also particularly easy.

With our big all-in-one slicer test, we want to help you find the best all-in-one slicer for you. We have compared folding, free-standing, and permanently installed slicers and summarized the advantages and disadvantages of each type to make your decision as easy as possible.

The most important in a nutshell

  • An all-purpose slicer is the right choice for you if you prefer to buy bread in loaves, or like to prepare salad and sausage platters.
  • This kitchen appliance can slice almost any food. Whether it’s bread and rolls, vegetables, fruit, sausage, and cheese.
  • Basically, the price range of the best household universal slicers ranges from $90 to $400. The final price is based on the brand and motor power.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a food slicer

So when should you choose an all-in-one slicer?

In order to figure out which model is particularly responsive to your needs, you should think about what you want to use the all-in-one slicer for in advance.

Since an all-purpose slicer, as the name suggests, can slice anything of food, it is definitely one of the most useful kitchen utensils.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to buy bread in loaves, like to slice sausages and bacon, as well as cheese yourself, or create salads and fruit platters where many types of vegetables or fruits need to be sliced. The universal slicer is definitely the right choice here. In addition, you can freely choose the cutting width to adjust the slices to each dish exactly.

Nevertheless, you should think through a purchase well, because the all-purpose slicer, with a few exceptions that are collapsible, takes up a lot of space. On the other hand, this can be justified by the fact that it definitely simplifies your life.

Food slicer for home – Best Choice

Chefman Electric Food Slicer

Chefman Electric Food Slicer


  • Material: stainless steel, aluminum.
  • Adjustable thickness dial.
  • With sturdy non-slip feet, blade safety guard, and food pusher.

In which application areas do an all-purpose slicer promise the best results?

As already mentioned, an all-purpose slicer is capable of chopping any food. In the process, they are cut into fine or less fine slices. You can set the cutting width yourself, which follows individual purposes.

Especially popular is the use of the universal slicer when cutting bread or rolls. Here it is very convenient that you can decide how wide is the perfect slice of bread for you, and you do not have to agree with the industrially prefabricated settings. In addition, bread, which remains in the loaf, keeps longer in storage than already sliced.

Possible application Explanation
Bread The most common use of the universal slicer is for bread and rolls. You can use it to decide how wide the perfect slice of bread for you is. In addition, bread that remains in the loaf will last longer in storage than one that has already been sliced.
Sausage and cheese products
Especially with dried sausage products such as salami or bacon, the universal slicer is ideal for bringing these foods into shape. Here, the thickness of the slices is also up to you, depending on your preference.
Meat products Meat, whether raw or already cooked/fried, can also be cut without any problems. Self-prepared roast beef or roasts in various forms can be easily chopped and beautifully served hot or cold.
Fruit, vegetables Fruit and vegetable fans can also benefit from the universal slicer. This device saves a lot of time when arranging salads and fresh fruit platters.

Another very common application of the universal slicer is cutting sausage and cheese. Especially with dried sausage products such as salami or bacon, the universal slicer is ideal for bringing these foods into shape. Meat, whether raw or already cooked/fried, can also be cut without any problems. Self-prepared roast beef or roast in various forms can be so hot or cold easily chop and arrange nicely.

A small all-purpose slicer that weighs no more than about 1.5 kg is ideal for household use.

You save a lot of time when preparing salads and fruit platters. In this case, you can beautifully drape the slices obtained and arrange them with pleasure.

Of course, the presence of space also plays an essential role in this kitchen appliance. Although there are devices that can be folded and patiently wait in a drawer for your use, stable stand-alone devices are more common.

In any case, for this, you need enough space, because due to the weight and bulkiness of the device, regular moving back and forth is not recommended. You will also be amazed at all the food you will cut with it in your everyday kitchen life.

Best food slicer for home with a premium chromium-plated carbon steel blade

BESWOOD 10″ Electric Food Slicer

BESWOOD 10 Electric Food Slicer


  • Steel blade with protection against corrosion.
  • Power: 110-120V, 240W.
  • Blade revolution: 282/min.

What types of universal cutters are there, and which is the right one for you?

Basically, a distinction can be made between three different types of universal slicers:

  • Folding universal slicers.
  • Free-standing universal slicers.
  • Permanently installed universal slicers.

Depending on the type and functions, some are better and some are worse suited, but both variants bring both advantages and disadvantages.

To help you decide which is the best for you, we’ll start by explaining the basic differences between the various types. This will help you decide which one suits you and your needs best.

electric food slicer for home use

What are the features of a folding food slicer, and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Foldable food slicers are very space-saving compared to fixed or free-standing devices. When the device is not in use, it can be easily folded and stored away. So, if you don’t have much space in the kitchen, you will find the foldable universal slicer to be the ideal device.

This type of slicer comes in different materials, here the difference lies in the price. Cheaper variants are foldable devices made of plastic, high-quality variants made of metal are slightly more expensive. Depending on the model, there is also the possibility to attach foldable universal slicers in a drawer.

This way, the device is always ready to hand and can be stowed away again. A disadvantage here, however, is the cleaning, since the remains of the food can be removed from the drawer only with much effort.

Advantages Disadvantages
Little space required.
Can be mounted in a drawer.
Hinges can wear out.
Must be unfolded before use.

Best electric food slicer with child lock protection

OSTBA Electric Food Slicer

OSTBA Electric Food Slicer


  • Removable 7.5’’ stainless steel blade.
  • Power: 200 watts.
  • Max Slice Thickness: 15 mm.

What are the features of a freestanding food slicer, and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A freestanding slicer can be easily placed anywhere and is ready to use immediately. Most of these freestanding slicers are compact, so it is not difficult to transport or move them.

Advantages Disadvantages
Takes up a lot of space.
Difficult to store.

One disadvantage of this variant is that the device can take up a lot of space, depending on the size of the kitchen. A small kitchen doesn’t offer much storage space, so even a small model may have a hard time finding a suitable place. However, after freestanding universal slicers are very easy to use and also inexpensive, they can be the right thing for a medium to large kitchen.

What are the characteristics of a fixed universal slicer, and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A fixed universal slicer is permanently anchored in a certain place. Due to the fixed screw connection, these models cannot be moved or transported. Therefore, this variant of universal slicers is suitable mainly for large kitchens that offer a lot of space.

A great advantage of the fixed universal slicers is their stability. Slipping of the device is almost impossible, which also significantly reduces the risk of injury. In addition, depending on the mounting location, the device is always at hand and can be used immediately.

Advantages Disadvantages
Always ready to hand.
Takes up a lot of space.
Cannot be stowed away.

Best durable food slicer for home

CUSIMAX Food Slicer

CUSIMAX Food Slicer


  • Blade diameter: 7.5 inches.
  • Max slice thickness: 15 mm.
  • Safety control: On/Off button.

How to clean and grease your food slicer correctly

To ensure that you enjoy your food slicer for a long time and that hygiene is not neglected, you should clean and grease it regularly. In this table, we have shown you an example of how to do this step by step.

Before you start cleaning, you should unplug your slicer!

  1. First, open the safety lock on the blade and turn it clockwise until it stops.
  2. In this step, you should remove the cutter. Be careful not to cut yourself!
  3. Now you can remove the blade cassette (the housing around the blade).
  4. Since the motor body is now exposed, you can clean it with a slightly damp cloth. You can be also spotless with the cutter and the cassette.
  5. You can now grease the motor axle with a fine brush. Make sure to use resin-free and food-safe Vaseline!
  6. Use the same brush and Vaseline to grease the gear wheel.
  7. In the last step, first, install the knife cassette and then the cutter.

Best food slicer machine with two removable stainless steel blades

AICOK Electric Food Slicer Machine

AICOK Electric Food Slicer Machine


  • Blade diameter: 7.5”.
  • Max slice thickness: 15 mm.
  • Power: 200 Watts.

FAQ universal food slicer

Can the universal slicer also be used to slice frozen products?

Unfortunately no. The devices are only suitable for fresh products. Frozen food could damage the blade during cutting.

Can I put parts of the slicer in the dishwasher?

This varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Usually, the holder for the food to be cut can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The same applies to the drip tray, provided it is removable. Sometimes it is even possible to remove the knife and put it in the dishwasher as well. However, keep in mind that knives generally stay sharper longer if they are cleaned by hand.

Is an all-purpose slicer suitable for slicing meat?

Yes. The devices are equipped with a universal knife that cuts even soft ham into equally thick slices without any problems.

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