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Over the last 20 years, a lot of CDs have piled up in your home and are still often listened to today.
But how do you listen to music on the go if you don’t feel like digitizing all your albums or relying on streaming platforms?.

It’s best to fall back on the tried and portable CD-player. These small CD players have nowadays a lot of different functions, which are in no way inferior to modern Mp3 players.

How to find the right portable CD player

The operation of the compact, lightweight models is carried out via batteries or a mains connection. With an appropriate adapter, you can also use the CD player in the car. The modern portable CD player accepts music files from a USB stick in addition to CDs of various formats, and some models are equipped with a radio. With its help, you can transfer MP3 files from your smartphone directly to the CD player.

Innovative technologies provide a good sound, which now reaches hi-fi quality thanks to the bass boost. Two variants of portable CD players are available.

The most important facts in a nutshell:

  • Portable CD players work with batteries as well as via mains operation.
  • Depending on the equipment, portable CD players can play MP3 CDs and cassettes. The majority of devices also have an integrated radio and a USB port.
  • So that you can listen to music on the beach, for example, without disturbing other visitors, a CD player with a headphone connection is recommended. With an audio port, you can connect an audio amplifier to the device.

What else do they offer?

In order for you to be able to transport your portable CD player, it must offer a handle and battery operation. Externally, the devices resemble a boombox but are handier. Due to their compact design, they are convenient to take with you to any place.

Most portable CD players have large controls and allow intuitive use. Models with an integrated radio are recommended. This way, you can listen to current charts and the news alongside your favorite music. What features the best portable CD player should offer depends on your preferences and needs. By the way, the devices work like classic CD players. For that reason, the portable CD player is also suitable for children.

What functions have good CD players?

If you want to buy a portable CD player, you should first pay attention to the dimensions in centimeters and the weight in kilograms. After all, you want to transport the device from one place to another without lifting a break. An anti-shock function protects your CDs from damage caused by shock.

Tip: Good portable CD players rarely weigh more than three kilograms. Their size is significantly smaller than a HI-FI CD player, but they can still be operated without any problems.

You will find various designs and types among the different manufacturers. Several elements are part of the basic equipment of a portable CD player:

  • Radio.
  • CD compartment.

If you opt for a portable CD player with USB, you can plug in a USB stick and play playlists from your PC, for example. We recommend the USB function for longer trips. After all, you can fit significantly more songs on a USB stick than on a CD. Portable CD players with USB for cars even allow you to charge the device’s battery via the USB port.

CD players that can play MP3 CDs are recommended. Keep in mind that predominantly inexpensive portable CD players do without MP3 compatibility.

Best mini portable CD-Player

Jensen Music System with CD Player

4,6 Rating

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase of a product through one of our links at no additional cost to you.

Jensen Music System with CD Player

  • With Bluetooth
  • With Aux-in & Headphone Jack Line-In
  • Blue LED CD Track Display Skip/Search
  • Rotary telescopic antenna

How do I recognize good portable CD players?

To ensure that the joy of the new device remains unclouded, you should pay special attention to various technical parameters when buying a portable CD player. When deciding between a CD player and a boombox, the type of use ultimately has the final say. While the small, handy variant is a useful companion on the road, the boombox ensures a good mood at any garden party. Both variants meet modern requirements in terms of equipment and functionality.

  • Material, size, and weight: up to 400 g

The mobile CD player should be made of particularly high-quality, sturdy plastic that can withstand even a stronger impact without damage. The weight of a portable player for CDs is between 180 and 400 g, whereby ultra-light variants often cannot compete with heavier models in terms of robustness. The dimensions of the mobile music companions are on average 25 x 150 x 150 mm. Lithium-ion batteries in the form of commercially available AA batteries are required for the mobile operation of these CD players.

  • Interfaces: Headphones or USB

A portable CD player with at least three interfaces is preferable so that you can use the CD player in a versatile way.

Headphone output for a 3.5 mm jack plug allows you to connect in-ear or on-ear headphones. A separate audio output allows you to connect the device to an amplifier or hi-fi system via a coaxial cable. A USB interface allows you to play audio files using a USB stick.

  • Functional features: Bluetooth or streaming services

In addition to intuitive operating options and an easy-to-read digital LCD display, mobile CD players of the latest generation have various additional functions for interference-free music enjoyment. The electronic skip protection, ESP for short, ensures trouble-free playback of tracks, even in the event of mechanical shocks. This is achieved by continuous buffering on an electronic storage medium. A portable CD player that has a bass booster will impress with its improved sound quality.

Equipping the device with Bluetooth function proves its worth if you want to transfer music files from your smartphone or tablet directly to it.

High-quality devices, for example, those from the manufacturer Sony, have programming, shuffle, and repeat functions, with which you can define the order of the songs and create individual playlists. Some models surprise with an additional resume function. It sets electronic bookmarks when listening to audiobooks.

  • Supported formats: CD, MP3, and many more

A portable CD player should support as many file formats as possible so that you can take full advantage of your music library. These include:

  • CD-R, the common format of purchased CDs.
  • CD-RW, for self-made sound carriers.
  • Ability to play mini-discs.
  • MP3 files by means of a USB interface.

Best Wallmounted CD-Player

Portable CD Player with Bluetooth

Portable CD Player with Bluetooth

4,6 Rating

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase of a product through one of our links at no additional cost to you.

  • Support several formats: CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3/WMA
  • AUX connections and 3.5mm Audio input jack
  • Wall Mountable

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Compact, handy, and robust with low weight.
  • Universally applicable, with appropriate connection options also in connection with stationary sound systems.
  • Equipped with ESP and bass booster ensures good sound quality while accepting a wide range of file formats up to minidiscs.
  • Favorable purchase price.
  • Practical for playing audiobooks, audio games, and language courses.
  • Wide range of colors up to colorful designs for children.


  • High battery consumption.
  • Very inexpensive models sometimes have lower sound quality, less suitable for classical music.

Best portable CD player with good sound

Sony Portable Walkman CD Player

Sony Portable Walkman CD Player

4,4 Rating.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase of a product through one of our links at no additional cost to you.

  • Uses digital processing technology
  • Create custom mixes
  • Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required

TOP 3 Portable CD-Players

Top pick

Philips Portable Boombox CD Player

Philips Portable Boombox CD Player

4,6 Rating

A set of speakers with the Bass Reflex system emits low tones with greater depth than a compact speaker system.

Perfect Pick

HOTT Portable CD Player for Car

HOTT Portable CD Player for Car

4,4 Rating

HOTT Walkman uses HIFI decoding technology and the latest advanced chip, high bit rate, and sampling rate support HIFI lossless sound quality.

Editor’s Pick

MONODEAL Rechargeable Portable CD Player

MONODEAL Rechargeable Portable CD Player

4,3 Rating

The CD player is equipped with a resume function, it will memorize the last playback track and start it from where you left last time.

Conclusion – How to find the right CD player

Whether it’s a portable CD player for children, a portable CD player with Bluetooth, a portable CD player with radio, or a portable CD player with USB – there are many model variants, so you’re sure to find the right model with suitable accessories. Which portable CD player you choose (e.g. portable CD player with remote control, portable CD player with power supply) depends on what you want to play, for example, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 or cassette. Universal models are those that can not only play all CD and MP3 formats but also have a USB port.

This means that not only CDs can be used as data media, but also USB sticks. Secondly, the choice depends on the desired use. If you want to use the CD player mainly stationary, for example in the kitchen or in the garden, you can reach for a Hifi CD player. For jogging or other sports, on the other hand, the device should be as small and light as possible. However, you will then have to reckon with a loss of sound quality. No matter which model you choose in the end, from now on you will always have good entertainment – whether at home or on the road. If you want to know more about the topic, you can also find a lot of detailed information in a portable CD player test or portable CD player comparison, which you can do most quickly online.

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