Best Slushy Maker Machine

Slush machines allow you to easily make refreshing water ice.
In most devices, you just need to add ice cubes and syrup,
and as a result you will get a delicious slush ice just to your taste.

Did you know: With slush machines you can very easily make a cool and tasty refreshment in the summer.

Best Slushy Makers and Frozen Drink Machines


How to choose the right Slush Ice Drink Maker

Most slush makers require you to add ice cubes, which are then crushed by the machine.
  • With slush machines you can very easily make a cool and tasty refreshment in the summer. In our comparison table, you will mainly find products for private use that have a capacity of about one liter. This is absolutely sufficient and thus, due to its compact dimensions, you can also store the machine well in a kitchen cabinet when you are not using it.
  • The best slush machines from common online tests have two ice crushing levels. One grinds the ice very finely, making it ideal for slushies. The other chops it a bit coarser, so you get crushed ice. In our slush machine comparison, you will also find devices that have a tap attached to the front. We recommend that you buy such a slush machine so that you can portion your ice cream as easily as possible.
  • If you make slush ice yourself, you can add syrup or juice to the ice cubes, depending on your preference. As the ice is crushed, it mixes with the liquid to create a tasty slushie. Some slushie machine instructions include recipe ideas. Try different variations of juices and syrups and find out the combination for your favorite slushie in your personal slush machine test. .
Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker

Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker

  • Create up to 72 ounces of pitcher-perfect frozen drink deliciousness in one easy step
  • Three independent blending stations for the ultimate in frozen drink making
  • 700-watts of combined blending & shaving power
  • Rotating ice chute creates spectacle appeal

4,6 Rating

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Advantages of a slush ice machine

Slush maker are multifunctional kitchen helpers, with which various cold drinks can be conjured up within a short time. Whether from water, fruit juice, tea, coffee or fruit juice, the different recipe variations are enormous. Slushies don't always have to be alcohol-free!

With your own slush ice machine, you can conjure up tasty alcoholic drinks that are extremely inexpensive, unlike a bar. Essentially, the slush ice machine's job is to freeze water, break the frozen ice into tiny pieces, mix the ice crystals with syrup, and chill the mixture.

Nostalgia Slush Drink Maker

Nostalgia Slush Drink Maker

  • Can hold up to 32 ounces of your favorite slush drinks
  • Easy-flow spout dispenses consistently smooth frozen drinks
  • Three-way control switch on the side makes operation simple - freeze, off & dispense

4,6 Rating

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase of a product through one of our links at no additional cost to you.


What do customers look for when buying a slush machine?

The consistency of the ice plays a major role. A good device should cut the ice so finely that the characteristic ice snow or ice slush is created in the end. In reality, only the fewest can do this, often it is rather more or a few fine ice chips.

Here, everyone must decide for themselves whether the coarser consistency bothers them or not.

What to look for

In addition, easy handling is crucial for many customers. Almost all models meet this requirement without any problems, as they work according to the same principle: You fill ice cubes into the machine, set the grind (coarse or fine) if necessary, and switch on the device.

You then add slush syrup, juice or similar over the ice mass and you're done. Another point that is always mentioned is the processing. Since slushy makers are mostly made entirely of plastic, special care should be taken to ensure that there are no wobbly elements that could break at the next opportunity.

Full Size Margarita Slush Frozen Drink Machine

Full Size Margarita Slush Frozen Drink Machine

  • High-capacity machine makes 50 CUPS
  • Durable construction with high-impact plastic and stainless steel panels
  • 1/4 HP air-cooled compressor, consistency control, freeze-up protection

4,4 Rating

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase of a product through one of our links at no additional cost to you.

Slush Machine Reviews

Care and cleaning of a slushee ice machine at home

For optimal hygiene, it is necessary that the machine is cleaned regularly and thoroughly, so that no residues remain in the machine, which would promote bacterial growth. Thus, all residues of syrup and other substances should be removed. Regular equipment maintenance also increases the life of the machine.

Many of the modern devices can be cleaned quickly and easily, so that all residues are carefully removed. Before buying, it should be checked whether the machine can be easily disassembled for cleaning. For this purpose, the stirring arm and other accessories should be easily removable.

Top 3 Slushie Machines

Top pick
Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker

4,6 Rating

Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker

Automatic shave 'n blend cycle mixes the right proportion of ice with ingredients. Manual blend only/shave only cycles. Easy-Pour Jar allows you to mix your concoction, then just pop open the hatch and pour it.
Perfect Pick
Nostalgia Taco Tuesday Slush Blender

4,4 Rating

Nostalgia Taco Tuesday Slush Blender

Powerful motor crushes ice perfectly, no large chunks like regular blenders can leave behind. Simply fill the chamber with regular sized ice cubes, add your favorite liquor, drink mix or fruit, place the lid on top and start blending.
Editor’s Pick
Dash Shaved Ice Maker + Slushie Machine

4,3 Rating

Dash Shaved Ice Maker + Slushie Machine

Compact + lightweight: weighing less than 1lb. Simply plug in, add regular ice cubes, shave, add your favorite snow cone syrup or juice, and top with fresh fruit or garnish.
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